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What’s the Difference Between a Suffolk County Real Estate Broker, a Real Estate Agent, and a Realtor?

For more than two decades, Power Team Realty Corp. has been providing the Suffolk County community with the highest quality real estate services and unrivaled client care. As a well-established firm with a proven track record of success, we have helped countless people throughout the area purchase the homes of their dreams and get the best deals on their property sales. Whether you’re thinking about purchasing a new home and you’re looking for real estate agents near me or you’re looking for a real estate office near me to help you list your home for sale, if you’re in the Saltaire, NY area and you’re looking for a highly reputable real estate agent who can get real results, look no further than Power Team Realty Corp.!

So, What is a Suffolk County Real Estate Broker, a Real Estate Agent, and a Realtor

So, you’re thinking about selling your home or buying a new one in Suffolk County. You’ve checked the Internet for “realtors near me”, “real estate near me”, and other similar searches, thinking that it would be an easy way to find a professional to help you. While you’ve found a lot of results, there’s just one problem: you’ve spotted a few different terms and you aren’t sure what they mean: real estate broker, real estate agent, and realtor.

Is there a difference between each real estate professional? Let’s explore.

Real Estate Agent Defined

In short, a real estate agent is a professional in the real estate industry who has taken and successfully passed all of the real estate classes and the licensing exam that they are required to take in Suffolk County. Essentially, an agent – also known as a real estate associate – is considered the first step for professionals who are entering the real estate industry.

A real estate agent can guide sellers and buyers. When representing sellers, an agent will list their Saltaire, NY property for sale and will market to those who are looking to buy a home in the area. When representing buyers, an agent will collect information regarding the kind of home they are looking to purchase, including the size, layout, features, specific location, and any other key amenities. The agent will then search through properties that are currently for sale to find properties that best meet the buyers’ requirements.

A real estate agent is tasked with handling buyers’ offers and sellers’ counter-offers. He or she is also in charge of delivering any queries that a buyer or seller may have. Additionally, once a seller has accepted an offer, an agent will collaborate with the seller’s agent and relay any details related to the sale/purchase of the property. This includes filling out and submitting any necessary paperwork, managing and sharing information related to the property inspection, and details related to the closing.

Real Estate Broker Defined

Real estate brokers fulfill all of the necessary requirements of an agent, including completing all required classes and passing the Suffolk County licensing exam. A broker also completed continued education beyond the basic education that an agent requires. Furthermore, a broker has taken and has passed a Suffolk County license examination for real estate brokers.

Brokers can work as agents independently, or they can enlist real estate agents who will work underneath them. Typically, a real estate broker who works for a buyer fulfills the same duties as a real estate agent; that is, helping buyers find properties that meet their specific requirements, handling offers and negotiations, and assisting their clients with any details or problems that need to be addressed prior to closing. A broker who works for a seller, however, usually calculates the market value of their clients’ property, lists the property and is present for any showings, and relays information from the buyers to the sellers and vice versa. Additionally, a broker will help a seller with the offer process.

Realtor Defined

The last of the three primary real estate professionals is the realtor. This individual has successfully met all necessary agent and broker requirements and is also a National Association of Realtors (NARs) member. In order to become a NAR member, professionals in the real estate industry must agree to and abide by the standards and uphold the code of ethics that have been set forth by the association.

While the terms “real estate agent” and “realtor” are often interchanged, there is a definite distinction between the two professionals. Moreover, the term “realtor” also comprises other real estate professionals that meet the necessary NAR requirements; appraisers and property managers, for example.

In Summary

To summarize, an agent is a professional in the real estate industry who can represent either a Saltaire, NY buyer, or seller, and ultimately, they are tasked with bringing buyers to sellers, and vice versa. A real estate broker has all of the qualifications of an agent, as well as additional credentials, but owner a brokerage and employs a staff of agents. Lastly, a realtor is a part of the National Association of Realtors (NRAs) and upholds the group’s standards and code of ethics.

Power Team Realty Corp.: Handling All of Suffolk County’s Real Estate Needs

If you’re thinking about buying or selling a home in Saltaire, NY, and you still aren’t sure if you should work with a real estate agent, a real estate broker, or a realtor, contact Power Team Realty Corp. As a leading Suffolk County real estate company, our team of professionals meets the qualifications for all of these professionals and can assist you with all of your needs.

To schedule a consultation, please call 631-231-8000 or Whether you’re buying or selling, we’re confident that we can deliver all of your real estate needs.

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