Before buying new homes look at home’s presentation that is for sale. If you hire a real estate agent then get his guidance regarding the market rate of property and tell him what you expect in your particular market and your home’s price point. There are following steps that sellers have to follow before selling home so that it would be acceptable for buyers like:

1- House Has A Pleasant Outdoor Look:
Before buying new homes buyer make sure that whether its front door is visible and accessible. Firstly whether the seller has painted the door and clear debris and clutter from the walkway and yard, cut the grass from the lawn and cut off useless parts of trees or branches.  Secondly, Plant colorful and active plants that could attract the attention of the buyer from the street.   Thirdly whether he Remove broken screens, doorbells, roof tiles, shingles, and outdoor lighting and replace doormat. Because exterior defects put a poor impression on buyers who want to buy new homes that can give pleasant look exteriorly.

2-  Is House brilliant?
Deep clean new house implies good impact on buyers. Buyers should examine the home, especially kitchens and bathrooms. So seller should repaint, clean rugs and carpets to eliminate stains or dinginess and eliminate odors to give a fresh and clean look to these rooms.  Buyers should examine cleanliness of cabinets, closets and the garage. So seller should make the house the house brilliant to buyers so that he can easily purchase it.

3-  Is House decluttered?
Before buying a new home buyer should make sure that its rooms are decluttered and not congested with things. So seller should pack up and store away excess furniture, toys and personal decorations. Because packed home with things makes it difficult to imagine buyers living there. 

4- Wisely Painted House:
Buyers prefer those house that has well paint on walls especially has a fresh coat of paint, nature and spa-inspired neutral paint colors like taupe and subtle gray give attractive look to the house. So fresh painted, trim and molding featured house preferred by the buyer.

5- Fix New Hardware:
Before buying new house buyer should make sure that seller has installed new door handles, faucets, towel bars, and curtain rods. 

6- Install New Lighting:
Before selling the house replace the decorative light that will no longer give your house fresher look and install new bulbs with the appropriate lighting for specific areas of your house. Use of Ambient lighting, directional lighting and especially accent lighting to highlight focal points in the room like the artwork above the mantle draw the buyers’ attention.

7- Adjust Windows Treatment:
To enhance the natural brightness and boost the appearance of the home seller should have right window treatments. Window treatments impact a room’s temperature and reduce or increase the amount of light entering the space. So it is necessary to adjust window treatments when showing your home to buyers whether in the morning, afternoon and evenings. In this way, the buyer will decide window treatment adjustment will attract the buyer.

8- Pleasant backyard:    
Before buying new homes make sure that backyard gives a spacious and functional look. Seller planted colorful flowers and keep the landscaping trimmed and neat. This will enhance the chances of buyer attraction to buy this house.

9- Lower market price:
Before buying a new home buyer make sure its market rate. Whether it is available in lower market rate with all of the above necessities.

10 - Create Immediate Profit:
Before buying a new home make sure that whether this house earns an instant profit for you when you resell it.